Thursday, February 14, 2013 Stats - 18 DAYS

I posted my very first look [You're Not On My Mind] 18 days ago. Since then I have been steadily hyping, commenting, fanning, posting and trying to put myself out on Why? Because I want to show that class is in style. I cimply can't stand the "swag" look that the boys in pop culture wear. I will do back flips when it is out of style! Anyway, that rant being said, I feel God has blessed me with amazing responses. I love to hear people's opinions [good or bad] on the looks. Here is some of the stats I've recieved within 18 days.

Now I have been on the LEADER page more than just these three times. I chose these three because of the different profile pictures. Dont ask.


  1. Nice Blog!

    Greetings From

  2. Very nice! And all that in 18 days :) congratulations!


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