Sunday, May 26, 2013

Its Yellow, Right?!

I love surprises. Don't you? I mean good ones, like when you find $5 dollars in your pocket that you had put there weeks ago. Those kind of surprises. I got one! I apparently had ordered a few items from my home clothing base [Men's Wearhouse] and it came in packages early this morning.
I felt like a kid at Hanukkah time [or Christmas] because I had completely forgotten I had ordered something and I had no clue what was in the box. No idea at all. So it took me a while to get it open because I didn't have anything sharp to get into the box. [I swear whoever sends these shipments out taped that baby up like whatever was inside was going to the electric chair!]
Here is what I got inside.

I was so happy! The coloring was just right for Spring. Only one problem... I have a slight coloring disfiguration in my eyes so I stared at the shirt for literally 14 minutes pondering if it was yellow or white. With some help, we decided it was a light shade of yellow. Or at least in that family.
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