Thursday, July 25, 2013

The White Tuxedo

(I was thinking, I should come up with a new way to say "hi" other than "shalom")
I know that most of the items I feature on my blog are from The Men's Wearhouse because that is where I do nearly all my online shopping. I did buy a few items from the wearhouse, but not all. I needed a white tuxedo simply because the business party I was attending was pretty swanky and the memo was to wear white. So after throwing nearly everything out of my closet all over my room and calling my connections at Men's Wearhouse, I admitted defeat that I would have to shop outside my comfort store.
I went to My Tuxedo Catalog and found an amazing white "Parsisian" tuxedo by Jean Yves. Oh yeah, better believe I rented it. (Rented, yes.) Find it here.

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